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THE TALKING STICK: EXPLORING LIFE'S POSSIBILITIES (328 pages, Vivencia Publishing, 2011) 

is Andrew Pike's newest book.  Read a Synopsis here and download the Introduction and Contents here.  

"This book is a journey of self-discovery for both reader and writer.  Within the first few pages, the reader is encouraged to get a journal and participate in a co-active process of working through some of the most fundamental questions that we need to address as sentient beings.  These are the observations of one man, with his perspectives on Life and how it has unfolded richly for him.  As with many works of this nature, I was often struck by the thought: “That’s so obvious, but he puts is in such an original way.”  Andrew asks some really profound, thought-provoking questions throughout the book that justify the requirement of a journal upfront.  This is not a passive read. This is an exercise in self-discovery, .......!  This is also a great tool for starting conversations and examining life-constructs.  This book really forced me to think deeply about my frameworks, values and perspectives, and to examine their validity – which is a good thing to do every now and then!"  Megan Hudson - COMENSA



It is available in the following formats:

PAPERBACK (for South Africans): R185,00 + R30 p&p = R215
PAPERBACK (for non-South Africans): R185,00 + R70 p&p = R255
e-BOOK (Kindle version): R85,00
e-BOOK (pdf): R85,00

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Also available from Amazon in Kindle format.

PEOPLE RISKS: A PEOPLE-BASED STRATEGY FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS (Penguin Books, 339 pages) is an holistic approach to the management of people from a risk-based perspective. Andrew Pike has focused on the identification and mitigation of risks to people and risks to businesses from their people. The strategy is aimed at bringing out the best in people, avoding losses to businesses and, importantly, adding value to businesses through the way in which they care for their people.

PEOPLE RISKS offers a pro-active approach to people-management rather than a reactive one, and it looks well beyond traditional human resource management to the true relationship between business prosperity and the well-being of the people of each business.

Packed with fascinating information and workplace advice, PEOPLE RISKS is an essesntial read for employers, managers, employees and risk managers.

PAPERBACK (for South Africans): R120,00 + R30 p&p = R150
PAPERBACK (for non-South Africans): R120,00 + R70 p&p = R190


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